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Solar Bora CEO appointed as Alumni of the Year!

We have for some time had a secret weapon to our disposal here at Solar Bora - now this is no longer a secret!

Since earlier this week the whole world know that we have  a superstar working for us, our own Linnea Bergman. She has been appointed as the 2020 Alumni of the Year of Linköping University. This year she share the appointment with another world famous Swedish celebrity Anders Tegnell - head of FHM being one of the main figure heads of the Swedish COVID-19 response. Please join us in congratulating Linnea to this appointment and let’s make sure we all strive to make make the world a better place today than it was yesterday. Congratulations from the whole Solar Bora team to Linnea Bergman!

Want to know more about Linnea and the award? Have a look at these articles!

Alumni of the Year: fighting for sustainable electricity and against COVID-19

Linnea Bergman’s life-saving solar cells

LEAD Business Incubator (in swedish): Stor ära att arbeta med årets LiU Alumn, Linnea Bergman

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